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The Le Bleu difference

We are obsessed with making the purest water available

Our Ultra Pure Le Bleu Water is 11% hydrogen, 89% oxygen.
Nothing more, nothing less.

Le Bleu Water is truly “Ultra Pure” and here’s why: Our five-step proprietary purification process produces the highest quality bottled water on the market today – water that’s 11% hydrogen, 89% oxygen. Nothing more, nothing less.

Le Bleu Ultra Pure Bottled Water is free of contaminants. It’s so pure it’s not required to carry an expiration date. Other waters may have high concentrations of carbon material that can decay over time and that may require an expiration date.

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  • No Sodium
  • No Viruses
  • No Lead
  • No Microorganisms
  • No Chemicals
  • No Chlorine
  • No Pharmaceuticals
  • No PFAS (“Forever Chemicals”)

In our proprietary fractional vapor compression steam distillation process, we use drinking water from municipal water sources and take it an extra “five steps beyond Mother Nature” before the water even enters the bottle, eliminating the contaminants that could be in other bottled waters and in tap water.

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We’ll Let You in on One Big Difference: Distillation.

Distillation is the process where water is turned into steam then directed into condensing coils where it condenses back into water. Steam distillation kills harmful bacteria and viruses, removes virtually all foreign particles, inorganic minerals, heavy metals, chlorine and volatile organic chemicals (VOCs).

Here’s how it works: Water is heated in a chamber and turned into vapor (steam). This water vapor rises leaving impurities behind in the boiling chamber. The purified vapor then enters a condenser, where it is cooled and returned to a liquid state. Distillation is the oldest, safest, most reliable process as nature intended. That’s why we distill our water.

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And Here’s Another Difference: Ozonation.

You know that fresh, clean smell of the air after a lightning storm? It’s caused by the storm’s lightning bolts literally electrifying the oxygen molecules of the air, which results in the formation of ozone (O3). It can also be created in water by the use of high-voltage electricity, which is how Le Bleu generates ozone to remove impurities from our Ultra Pure water.

Ozone is the most powerful water sanitizer and disinfectant available. It purifies water much faster than chlorine, functions as a clarifying agent to “polish” the water molecules, improves the clarity and clearness of the water and is the most powerful and rapid-acting purifier available. Ozone kills bacteria, toxins, mold, yeast spores, organic material, parasites and even viruses.

The Key Difference: Le Bleu’s Five-step Purification Process is Superior to all other Water Cleaning Methods.

Many water purification systems are based on the principle of filtration or reverse osmosis (RO). RO systems force high pressure water through a synthetic membrane to filter and reduce inorganic minerals. These systems vary widely in their ability to screen nitrates, chlorides, and other contaminants. RO system performance is affected by water pressure, water temperature, pH, bacteria, dissolved solids and the chemical contaminant level of raw tap water. Like other filtration systems, gradual clogging by collected contaminants will result in declining effectiveness and could also lead to contamination from bacterial growth. Also, water “treated” by reverse osmosis can have up to 90% wastewater and 10% product water.

We Go Far Beyond Any Competitor in the Water Industry

Le Bleu’s proprietary five-step purification process yields water which is ultra pure.


No Expiration Date

Le Bleu water has no expiration date since there is no carbon material in our water which can decay over time, unlike spring water and other waters which do not remove all carbon material.


Hospitals & FEMA Choose Le Bleu

Hospitals, FEMA and hurricane response organizations trust Le Bleu Ultra Pure water for emergencies. Le Bleu is selected because of our purity and because we have no expiration date.


We Wash our Bottles in Purified Water

Our competitors use tap water. Our bottles are washed and rinsed in 130-degree purified water. We don’t want even one drop of tap water to contaminate our Le Bleu water.


High Grade Plastics

Le Bleu 12- and 20-ounce bottles are made with high grade PETE plastic that won’t crumple and doesn't leach any chemicals into our ultra pure water.


Plant Teams Wash Hands in Le Bleu

All Le Bleu plant employees wash their hands after every break with Le Bleu water.


We Wash Our Jug Caps in Le Bleu Water

All Le Bleu caps are washed in Le Bleu water prior to sealing.


Spill-Proof Caps

Le Bleu 5-gallon caps are “spill-proof” with a valve that shuts off when removed from the cooler.


Jugs Reused 100x

Le Bleu 3- and 5-gallon jugs are washed, rinsed, and reused about 100 times.

The Le Bleu Difference

Not all water is good for you, and here’s why…

The Problem with Other Waters

There are thousands of contaminants found in some U.S. drinking water and bottled waters which may cause adverse health effects. Drinking water sources are contaminated through chemicals released from landfills, leachate from toxic dumps, air pollution, waste water contamination, agricultural pesticide runoff, leaking underground storage tanks and chemical spills. Pure water is just hydrogen and oxygen…nothing else!